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(Unofficial) Livejournal Community for the Kingdom of Caid

Yet another place to get information

Kingdom of Caid
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medieval history, historical recreation, dark ages, middle ages
Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL LiveJournal community for the Kingdom of Caid, the most densely-populated kingdom in the Known World. This community doesn't delineate SCA or kingdom policy, blah blah blah, check with your kingdom newsletter (It's the Crown Prints, if you're Caidan!) for Official Words, etc and so forth.

This is not an attempt to circumvent or replace the kingdom email list (info on the main Caid site, listed above), this is for babbling about whatever SCA/Caid-related thing you want to blather about, be it with regards to fighting, to arts and sciences, that cute tchotchkie that merchant had at Last Weekend's Event, or can anyone give a ride to AnotherWar, from Altavia?

Introduce yourself, if you've a mind to, or lurk if that's your preference. We are all Gentlemen and Ladies here, alphabet soup or not.

A small request - when posting, if you remember to, please include tags when posting. It helps to find older information.

Addendum 29 Aug 06: The community has been switched to members-only may post/post responses, due to some rude, anonymous behavior.

al-sahid, altavia, angels, archery, armor, armour, arts, arts and sciences, baron, baroness, barony, brewing, caid, calafia, california, calligraphy, canton, canyons, carreg wen, castlenorth, college, combat, cooking, coronet, costumes, costuming, count, countess, cragdon, crescent, crown, darach, dark ages, dreiburgen, duchess, duke, dun or, dying, fenwood knoll, fighting, food, galavally, garb, gyldenholt, hawaii, heatherwyne, heraldry, historical recreation, history, ildhafn, illumination, isles, king, knight, la luminere rouge, las vegas, laurel, lyondemere, medieval history, middle ages, mons draconis, music, naevehjem, nordwache, pelican, poll na gainmhe, queen, reannag fhara, renaissance, renaissance history, saint artemas, san ambrogio, san isidore, sancti geronimi, sca, sciences, shire, society for creative anachronism, southron gaard, st. artemas, starkhafn, steinsee, summergate, tanwayour, torvald, tour d'yvoire, tournament, tournaments, valley azure, viscount, viscountess, voyagers, weaving, western seas, wintermist