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Pas d'Armes at Calafia Anniversary - (Unofficial) Livejournal Community for the Kingdom of Caid
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User: caid (posted by jubeloh)
Date: 2009-11-09 15:15
Subject: Pas d'Armes at Calafia Anniversary
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His Grace, Sir Guillaume wishes to make the following announcement to all who are courageous enough to participate in the Pas d'Armes that will be held on Sunday, 22 November:

The Passo Nuevo
Calafian Passage of Arms, Nov. 22, 2009

“The victory of battle standeth not in the multitude of an host, and a small company is not always overthrown by reason that it is a small company; but victory cometh to those well deserving of praise and renown, who fight with a single heart.”
Gutierre Diaz de Gamez – “The Unconquered Knight”

Upon the fields of Calafia on Nov. 22, 2009, will be held the Passo Nuevo, a tournament of valor, honor and chivalry for the purpose, not of singular glory or reward, but to advance the cause of friendship and community, that all who come – whether to take up arms, or to witness great deeds – shall remember this day for ages to come.

The Passo Nuevo shall begin with an array of arms, and all fighters who come to the field are encouraged to deck themselves in the finest harness, with armor freshly polished, shields brightly painted, swords newly sharpened and banners flying high so that our majestic King and Queen, Patrick and Kara, and our excellent Baron and Baroness, Oliver and Kate, may proudly review the warriors at their command.

The field of honor will be held by the knights of the Calafian lands and the members of the Calafian Order of the Serpent’s Talon. The esteemed members of the Company of St. George will lead the challengers of the day, and all others will stand with them to issue challenge.

Four styles of fighting will be offered by the defenders, as follows:
1) Irish Style – In honor of His Royal Majesty, Patrick, “Irish style” fighting shall be conducted with broadsword and buckler, and thrusting shall be forbidden;
2) Judicial Duel – Combat shall be conducted with either pole axes or two-handed swords of equal length to counted blows of three, although receiving a thrust with the point of either sword or fluke (point of the axe) shall be considered an instant defeat;
3) Classical Style – Combat with pikes (9’ spears), or half-pikes (5’ spears) and center-grip round shields, in the style of the great heroes of ancient legend;
4) Exotica – Combat with any unusual (SCA legal) weapon – daggers, maces, hammers, etc. – as shall be pleasing to the combatants; broadswords shall not be allowed in this category.

Any of the offered styles of fighting may be conducted upon the open field or over the barrier, and as single or melee combat, at the pleasure of the challenger.

So that the warriors who take the field at the Passo Nuevo may prove that they are men and women of grace and honor, combat shall be conducted at all times with attention to the pleasure of the gallery, who shall bear witness to the deeds of the day. Throughout the course of the day, members of the gallery may award those whose chivalrous demeanor on or off the field they deem worthy of recognition, and may issue quests of their own that the challengers and defenders alike shall take up to prove their worthiness.

At day’s end, recognitions shall be given for the most authentic armor and “on the field appearance,” and for those who have most truly pursued the spirit of honor and chivalry.
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